My Story

Grab a snack, it's a long one..

I am super passionate about breastfeeding, and pumping. I believe it is an absolutely incredible creation of the female body, we are able to grow a life, and then feed it! We are amazing!

My breastfeeding and pumping journey started off with many struggles and a whole lot of pain. I guess I always thought it would come somewhat 'naturally', and whilst I had a couple friends and family members mention certain challenges that may arise, or that they struggled with, I never thought I would be the one to run into those difficulties, and I didn't give it much thought. My midwife kept reminding me to purchase a pump before baby came, and instead of listening to her, I brushed it off and kept working at my job thinking I had time to organize these things later when I went on maternity leave. Anyways, my daughter had other plans and ended up coming early, which meant I had next to nothing planned or ready! Oh dear..

I struggled a lot with pain in the first couple months and thought there was something wrong with me that I was finding it so painful and difficult. I felt myself, at times, actually resenting feeding my baby and pumping because it was so painful. I hated having to leave to another room to go and sit and pump by myself after every feed. It was lonely and meant I couldn't do anything else, like bond with my baby or sit and enjoy company of family and friends. I very nearly gave up breastfeeding many many times. I was part of a lovely breastfeeding group, with great support and connections, and had a good Doctor friend from my work, who helped run the Breastfeeding group, who gave me amazing lactation and breastfeeding advice. We ended up having a specialist revise a tongue tie after months of discomfort and pain, and from then on, breastfeeding started to feel comfortable and I began to love it, and love pumping too.

One thing was missing though, being able to pump on the go. Not being stuck to the wall or being restricted in any way. This is what sparked my interest into wearable pumps.

I bought many pumps, from different places, and of different prices. This is when none (to my knowledge) were available in New Zealand, so I ended up buying mostly online, most very reputable brands, but from overseas, or from drop shipping websites, which I am not particularly a fan of.

So, I thought to myself, why can't I do this? Why can't I take a risk and start my own business selling affordable wearable pumps to New Zealand mamas? Meaning you don't have to wait weeks or months from something overseas, risk it being damaged, not what you paid for, risk being scammed and then not having customer service to help. I reached out to many different factories, found one I loved, and built a great relationship with them.

So here I am, I have my company Milkii, and I have my pumps ready to be sold. As some of you may know, some brands claim to be the creators of their pumps, that their pumps are unique, have never been made before, and are not available elsewhere. This is not always the case. I will never claim this. There are many wearable pumps available in many different places online and overseas. What is different about Milkii is that I provide quality wearable pumps, that can be shipped to you within a couple days, that are affordable, accessible and don't have the ridiculous price tag. I am not interested in taking advantage and gaining huge profit margins. I am just your normal kiwi mama trying to start a business that people can trust and love. I want to provide affordable pumps that help make our breastfeeding and pumping journey a little easier. You deserve it.

I am so excited to expand providing other products in the very near future!

Thank you so much for your support.