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Deluxe Pump Replacement Parts

Deluxe Pump Replacement Parts

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Replacement Parts

Depending on your usage of your Deluxe Milkii pump, you may need spare parts around 3 to 12 months time.

These replacement parts will keep the suction and air flow of your pump working effectively, and nice and strong. 


Currently Available 

  • Valve
  • Diaphragm
  • Flange 24mm
  • Flange 27mm



Made from food grade silicone. 


*Please note this part is for the Milkii pump as per photos. 

*Please be aware parts are delicate. When cleaning and/or sterilising parts, prolonged exposure to high heat can warp and/or damage parts. It is best to use sterilising tablets for cold water, or to wash with warm water. I recommend Milton’s. 


Food Grade TPE

Shipping & Returns

Please refer to my Shipping and Returns Policies.



Care Instructions

Clean with safe detergent and water.

Always store breastmilk safely and within recommended timeframes.

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